What makes a good


Your equipment matters. You matter more.

Click Photos

You are able to click good pictures using the equipment you possess.

Pick Photos

You are able to pick good , and drop bad pictures from a stack.

Show Passion

You show passion for photography.

Learn with framez AI

Tap on the framez AI icon under your images and our AI will analyze your image and provide feedback on how to improve your shot

Ever wondered how others have clicked their pictures? framez AI can analyze their images and provide you with specific instructions to click similar shots

Lowest cost plans available for you to use framez AI and continue learning and getting better

Build your Photography Community

Post your images so that other photographers can frame you on their home wall. You can frame them as well

Pick or drop others' images to build your score and help build scores of the other photographers

Our algorithm will calculate a framez score. View the top scorers in the community, top rated pictures

Join our bouts, pick and drop each others' images, compete with other photographers and win.

What are Bouts?

Bouts are competitions that you can join, rate other photographers' in the bout and win.

Who can join?

Unless specified, anyone who takes pictures with any type of camera.

How to join?

Download our app, join any ongoing bouts for free or by paying entry fee.

Why entry fee?

Minimum entry fee to ensure right participants like you join.

Framez Score

You get an overall framez score to boast with your friends.

You decide

Your engagement in the app decides your score and the winner.

No Jury

No hidden jury deciding the winner ensuring full transparency.

How to Rate Photos?

How you rate others' photos, impact your score. More photos you rate, better your score.

You "pick" a good photo by swiping up, and "drop" a bad photo by swiping down.

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